Frequently Asked Questions

You might ask yourself, "Where should I go to sell my car? Dallas - Ft. Worth is so huge. Why choose Top Cash for Cars DFW?

Top Cash for Cars DFW will pay top cash for your vehicle. We come to you with a cash offer on the spot. We save you time, trouble and money.

What if my car doesn't run? Do they still offer cash for cars?

Dallas based Top Cash for Cars DFW doesn’t care. We buy cars regardless whether they run or not. We are also able to pay you more cash for your broken down car than other cash for car companies, due to the fact that we have our own company tow truck.

What if my car is wrecked?

We will buy you car no matter what the damage may be. Don’t hesitate to call us even if you believe your car is totaled. Top Cash For Cars Dfw pays cash for cars. We are the cash for car company you have been waiting for.

How does it all work?

You call us with a brief description of your vehicle and we will give you an estimate. We will come to you at your own convenience and give you top cash for your vehicle.

What if I have a lost title?

We will buy it. Our company is very experienced with title work therefore that’s not an issue. Don’t waste time and stress with lost titles; Top Cash For Cars Dfw can handle it. We pay Cash for cars.

What if I still owe money on my vehicle?

Not a problem. We can pay your car off and the remaining balance form your estimate will go straight to your pocket. It is easy to see why Top Cash for Cars DFW stands out from the other companies offering cash for cars. Dallas residents know they can trust us to sell their cars with no hassles, at top dollar! We are the cash for cars in Dallas.


  • All our appraisers are fully trained and certified.
  • We pay top cash for your vehicle.
  • We take the hassle out of your car selling experience.
  • We tow your car away and give you cash in hand.
  • If you have a junker you want to get rid of, we'll pay you and tow it away.
  • We come to you at your own convenience.
  • We buy all makes and models.
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    Top Cash for Cars will buy and offer top cash for your cars in Dallas. Call us today at 469-230-7179!

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